Friday, 30 October 2009

I plan to get a very nice studio area set up soon, as I am currently working in the corner of our room - which isn't very practical, but even more unpractical is the very small table and no until that is done and I take pictures of it's a few pics of new(ish) designs from the summer for you to look at!

I promise to keep this updated now!

I will be putting up my christmas designs as soon as they're done....hopefully very soon!!

I came across this wall plaque in Ibiza and had to get a picture of it! Shame the sun wasn't shining on it as it would've been all sparkly...but it reminded me of the squares I use in my work. Maybe I could experiment with silver squares.....I have already experimented with making shapes with the squares!

4 samples of the 'whole image' cards.

4 sampes of the square, detail cards.

8 months on....

I totally hadn't realised it had been this long since I last used my lovely blog page! Sorry!

I stepped up a notch with my work over the summer and actually finally made it to the printers with some designs, so now I nearly feel like a proper designer!

Summer(09) was the beginning of my creative adventures, where I designed some new pretty designs, primarily focusing the themes around Cornwall - but with a few travel and nature inspired designs.
I discussed with the printers which style of card to go for, and after much deliberation I chose one square card with the detail of the image, and one A6 card with a scaled down version of the whole image.

Since printing the cards I have had a lot of interest in the shops that I have taken them to.
This is such a boost to my confidence, knowing that it is all worthwhile!

I have a list of lovely shops to sell my cards, athough I need more printed now as I have sold my original batch, which is very exciting! (I'm hoping I can grow a money tree in my back garden to help with the initial funding of this project - as I seemed to have come to a standstill without new cards printed....but I will not give up!)
I am in the process of creating some Christmas designs, hoping I don't get them completed too late for the season!

With my first set of designs I think I went a bit overboard with the amount of designs, as there is 12 different cards!
I ony have 5 Christmas designs - but they are very lovely, and I don't think I need more than that!

Next step - gift wrap, printing onto fabric, coasters, placemats etc. Watch this space!!

The fantastic shops you must visit that sell my cards...(they have other really great things to buy in them too!)

  • Sarah's Shop, Helford Passage, Cornwall
  • Spice, Falmouth, Cornwall
  • Just Delights, Penryn, Cornwall
  • Babahogs, Falmouth, Cornwall
  • Phoenix Cards, Truro, Cornwall
  • MORE TO COME......

I also had two paintings selected for the 'Wild and Inspired' Exhibition at Cornwall Wildlife Trust. There is a wonderful selection of local talent in this exhibition, well worth visiting if you like art and wildlife....It's on until Jan and is 'touring' Cornwall at a few venues:

  • Lobbs Farm Shop, Heligan. (until 16th Nov)
  • Geevor Tin Mine, (until 31st Jan)

Go see!