Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Apple and Custard Cupcakes....

Made by moi :)

Completed Name Cards.....

I finished the name cards over the weekend for a friends wedding, and I'm pretty pleased how they turned out. I even added a little sparkle to the 'important' people at the wedding (bride, bridesmaids etc!)

I love a challenge when it comes to being creative, and to produce something that I feel needs to be as professional as these, it's a real reward when they turn out well and when the customer's happy!
I got pretty quick at drawing shells too....starting to feel like a pro!! :)


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

New toy!

I haven't been taking photographs recently as on holiday in France the screen of my old one cracked (my own fault for not using the case sensibly/at all)
Soooo....I decided to treat myself to a new camera, as I just can't really live without one.
This means I can now get back to my passion for taking lovely pictures, and also blog a little more often with my own creativity, as I have many creations I have made that I like to share.....

So now you can expect more of my pictures and not those from everyone else!

Delicious Cupcakes!

Having been asked with my sister to create some wonderfully delicious cupcakes for a wedding I have started to get some inspiration.....and they are making my mouth water!
I would love to make some really pretty ones as well as incredibly tasty!
Anything that looks like the ones I've found would be lovely!!
When we have done some experimenting I will get some pictures up of our own ones!
(Hopefully just as beautiful and professional as these......)


I found this doily/cupcake wrapper idea on Cake Central.com and thought it was such a simple but effective way of making a simple cupcake a bit special! Might give this a go at some point....