Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I started this project by helping out a friend who wanted two name plaques made for her little nieces...she wanted pretty , girly themed plaques so I set about creating some illustrations I would have loved if I was little again!
One had budgies and flowers on, the other had a blue tit with flowers. Both were very pink, and very pretty! (I will upload the images here soon - unfortunately they're on someone elses camera!)

After the success of these, I decided it would be silly not to pursue this idea, as I thoroughly enjoyed creating them, and they make the perfect gift for children!

I have since made three more (one for my nephew, my niece and a friends niece!)

VERY SOON these will be available at my Etsy shop - I am more than happy to take special orders for these too, if you have a particular theme in mind!
My current themes are: Fairy/Butterflies, Farmyard, Woodland and Birds/Flowers.

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