Friday, 12 March 2010

New Spring/Summer Designs 2010

Repeat Pattern Designs.........

I have been busy thinking/creating/designing some new designs for my paintings and cards as I am really bored of the old designs now!
I have decided to create 6 new, fresh designs (based on Cornwall, and the summer) to add to my collection.
I will get these printed up as 15cm square cards, and mount/frame the paintings (originals and prints) to sell.

My thoughts for designs are as follows.... Cornish sealife, Cornish birds, Mackerel, Lobster, Beach Huts, Ice Creams, Cornish Hedgerow, Blackberry picking, Bucket and Spade.....etc.

I have started on the Beach Huts initially (although I usually get going on more than one!) and I am enjoying the process of repeat pattern once more! It's been a little while since I created a new repeat.
Firstly I create an illustration that I want to go in the design, whether it is one drawing repeated over and over, or like here, lots of different shapes and sizes - to make it slightly quirky!

Then I copy the outline of the images (in a random formation) onto a perfect square.....dividing it into 4 (a,b,c,d). Then I cut the square into 4 (very carefully) and move the pieces to a new edge (using the amazing repositionable Bostik fast glue!) and draw another image etc. so eventually the finished piece will always I put a, below c, and fit b, and d, where the illustration joins. It's complicated to explain - and it was complicated to learn but it's really quite simple once you get the hang of it! Almost like a jigsaw.

I learnt this process in my very last term of uni so had about 4 weeks to get the hang of it - then I self taught myself the rest! And that's the reason I haven't progressed to the technical side of repeat....I was never taught. BUT, I love doing repeats by hand - as it means each repeat is individual, with alot of hard work and patience going into each one!

The next stage for my Beach Huts is to trace them through to a decent piece of paper (using a light box) moving the template over everytime I get to the edge....(this can take AGES!) then I have a repeat pattern on a lovely piece of paper....ready for paint and ink. Phew.

I will pop the final design (colour and detail) on here once it's complete! I want to use really bright colours, just like the Beach Huts are painted.....

Lobsters next.......


  1. can't wait to see - they look gorgeous already :o)

  2. thanks for this tutorial! It's looking really good.

  3. these look really good! That process of repeating by hand sounds really tricky - but very impressive! Love the buttons you've been making too! claire x