Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I have been really getting into my button making - this all started when I needed to come up with a 'homemade pressie' idea for a friend. We didn't want to spend lots of money on each other but equally wanted to give a I went out and bought my old favourite Fimo!

As a child I used to spend hours creating tiny little things out of fimo, and it's actually still as enjoyable to do now! It's just been a while.....
I made my friend an assortment of shapes; hearts, stripes, birds, squares etc. and it got me thinking!

I then made some little car buttons for my sister when she passed her driving test, they were pretty tricky to do!
I sell my cards in Sarah's Shop in Cornwall, and she has a lovely nautical theme going on.

So I decided to use that as inspiration to create 'Nautical Buttons!'

These are my first attempt.....I hope to improve these and make more!

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