Friday, 12 February 2010

french beauty

I am moving soon with my man, to my sisters basement flat! The big move is this weekend, can't believe how quickly that went!

We are saying goodbye to our wonderful, quirky wooden house as we are desperatly trying to save and not really getting very far! It's a shame, as we love it there, but it is time for a change - and time to save!

There are however, things that are starting to get irriating about the house so before I fall out with it, it is time to move on!!

The new flat is a new location (an old location for me!) which will take some time to get used to, but it's a lovely little place, and it has been made perfect for Tom and I to quite happily feel at home!
I'm really excited about a new start, and looking forward to setting up camp!!

I have been looking online for some lovely new items for our house and have my heart set on a french style plate drying rack....

This is my dream plate drying rack (He he!!)

So whilst tracking one of these down, I came across this website Dibor and I fell in love!

Now I have a huge list of all the yummy things I want off there! A girl can dream!

Yes please! And more.......!

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