Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Wedding Table Names....

I was invited to a meal at the weekend, which was for a girl who works across the road....she is off to New Zealand for 6months (I want to go!!!!)
As the girls across the road know I enjoy all things creative, I was asked to make some table names for the meal.

They provided me with some bits of chopped up card, and I whizzed up some place names (picture to be uploaded asap) with the NZ flag on and some little sheep!

(These were my first ever attempt at table names!!! As these were a last minute, rushed job - I would love to put some time and creativity into the next ones, to be totally satisfied with the outcome. I want to go for a more sophisticated appoach!)
Our waitress loved them, and explained that she needed some for her wedding soon!
After the meal (and a couple of glasses of wine to pluck up courage!) I found the lovely waitress and gave her my business card......! So here's to the future of new ideas!
I have since been researching Wedding Table Names for inspiration and was surprised by the originality of some of the designs! I hadn't really thought about how unusually creative you can get.... I found some really interesting ideas!
I know the lady wants a beach theme, so I was thinking of shells and ribbon to tie the wedding in with the's what I found!

Sea Creature Paintings

(not a table name card.....) but WOW! I love the all cream theme.....

Photos of cupcakes with starfish on.....delicious!

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