Friday, 12 February 2010

CoLOUR!! My inspiration....

I love colour. Using the right colours in the right situation, can be dreamy.

Colours of the rainbow, the sea on a sunny day, a meadow full of flowers, natural colours are beautiful.

I love combining a pallette of colours, somehow I just put them together and know what goes with what! (that's what I thik anyway!!)

I like to think one of my creative strengths is having an eye for colour.

I just find it incredibly beautiful.

Although I'm pretty fussy about which colours! I'm not a huge fan of red, orange or yellow. But make a yellow really pale and it's just perfect! Red has to be that vibrant crimson red, almost deep pink.....and orange will only work for me as a tiny splash in amongst othe gorgeous, contrasting colours!

I've tried to find a few images that sum up my love for's not an obsession, I just apprieciate good colour!

These are just two of images of truely hundreds of inspiring colours everywhere!
My inspiration usually comes from books, the outdoors, shops and window displays (the clothes are usually hung in an interesting colour way!) fabrics, patterns etc.
When I am creating a new painting, I like to use colour to compliment the illustration....

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