Saturday, 26 June 2010

Digital dilemma....

I have made lots of new buttons (in preparation for my stall!) and was hoping to get them on here for you to have a sneak peak, but remembered the screen broke on my camera whilst in France.
This means, that even though my camera still works I seem to have gotten so used to taking pictures using the screen (and checking the image afterwards!) that I feel slightly stumped by this!!
Also, my other dilemma is that the night the screen smashed I switched it to b+w (adamant I am more photogenic in b+w!) but now can't change it back...... :/

Perhaps it's time I treated myself to a new camera...oh yes please!
My little nephew Tom however, suggested I fix it with sellotape! This seems to work for him....he used sellotape to fix the hole in his sock the other day....!!
It might be worth a try.......

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