Tuesday, 22 June 2010


I am going to read this book called 'Peak' that I was told about by one of the Irish guys we met whilst in France.
He highly recommended it, and I don't read enough books (however I do LOVE a good read!)

So I will report back once I have read this book......it's about a 14 yr old boy who gets arrested for scaling Manhattan's Woolworth Building, in an attempt to tag his 'blue mountain peak' high on the side of it.
He then tries to become the youngest person to ever scale Everest.

Sounds interesting....!


  1. Oh, i look forward to hear about it. I've still got 3 books on my nightstand, waiting to be read.Still reading David Sedaris now, so much fun. XX

  2. Sounds interesting, let us know how you find it :-)